07 July 2015

Currently on Tap @ Sabatinis Beer Bar

Sabatini’s Bar Draft List:

Off Color Troublesome…Sour Wheat Brewed w/Coriander…4.3% (IL)

Endless Brewing Nuclear Blonde Bombshell... Imperial IPA… 10.8% (Montrose, PA)

Bells Two Hearted Ale...American IPA...7% (MI)

Southern Tier Oat 2012… Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout… 10.8% (NY)

Freigeist Köpenickiade… Berliner Weisse… 3.5%... (Germany)

Reissdorf Kölsch… Kölsch… 4.8%... (Germany)

Ace Pineapple Cider… Cider… 5% (CA)

Hardywood Vinalia Urbana… White Wine Barrel Aged Belgian-Style Golden Ale… 9% (VA)

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Extra… Double IPA… 8.5% (CA)

Speakeasy The Informant… Saison Brewed w/ Elderflower and Noble Hops… 6.7% (CA)

21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon… Wheat Ale w/ Watermelon… 4.9% (CA)

Dieu Du Ciel Rosée D’hibiscus… Witbier Brewed w/ Hibiscus… 5.9% (Canada)

Brooklyn Brewery Qudraceratops… Belgian Quad… 9.9% (NY)

Flying Dog Old Scratch..Amber Lager… 5.5% (MD)

Einstök Arctic Berry… Witbier w/ Bilberries… 5.2% (Iceland)

Cigar City Minaret Nitro ESB… Extra Special Bitter…5% (FL)

Dedicated Towers on Main Bar:

Hand Pump..Nimble Hill Bonczek..Double IPA..9% (Mehoopany, PA)

Schneider & Sons Aventinus… Doppelbock... 8.2% (Germany)

Schneider & Sons Schneider Weisse... Hefeweizen... 5.4% (Germany)

Schneider & Sons Wiesen Edel-Weisse… Hefeweizen… 6.2% (Germany)

LaTrappe Witte Trappist… Belgian Witte... 5.5% (Netherlands)

La Chouffe.... Belgian Golden Ale... 8% (Belgium)


stingo said...

I had the pleasure of having lunch at Sabatini's this afternoon. When I evaluate pizza places, I always order their plain pie first so as to get an idea of that first, before crowding in toppings. I have to say that the pizza was very good - not thickly crusted, but still nice and chewy with a good mouthfeel. The tomato sauce was nicely spiced too, and the ratio to the cheese was just right. Just my way of saying, don't just come to Sabatini's for the beer.

But, of course, the beer is why you're here. I opened my visit with a delightful (imperial - additional points for that) pint of Stegmaier's Porter. A very tasty beer I have to say, and one that could be a session beer, but I'm not sure of the abv - I'm guessing it's fairly low, but I don't know that for sure.

The reason I'd journeyed to Sabatini's was because they had Southern Tier's Pumking in bomber bottles, and I was dying to try it. Having ordered it from my waitressed, she had one of the other workers there (who apparently knew it) find and present me with the bottle. It poured a nice, clear orange color with good carbonation and a smallish, white head. The nose was of pumpkin and pumpkin spices, which were exactly the same as what came out on the palate. I've heard this beer described as floral, but now I understand why. It's almost not like you're tasting it, but smelling it, as the pumpkin flavor just sailed over the pizza flavors without change or interruption. Definitely worth a taste, particularly if you're into pumpkin ales.

After paying my check, I checked out the coolers and found quite a few interesting beers - more Southern Tier offerings like the Cherry Saison, and Raspberry Porter, the Lost Abbey brews, Double Dead Guy, Theobroma, and others. In terms of bottle selection, Sabatini's can go toe to toe with any of the beer bars in the area in terms of selection.

My only suggestion would be to have beer lists, like the one that's available at the counter) for diners, as I would've liked to have seen what my options were before I'd ordered the Pumking. Not to say that there isn't one, I just was not presented it when I asked for it to make my selection.

Still, this is a minor quibble compared to the great food and great beer which puts Sabatini's on my list of good beer places, and I'd highly recommend a visit.

Professor Bartels said...

Stegmaier porter off? Bummer, never made it there for one. Guess my next road trip will be to dawsons in manayunk...

mybeerbuzz said...

From what I understand it sold well so I'm sure it will be back...

glann kernanahan said...

One PA beer out of 12? Where's the love?

mybeerbuzz said...

Sabatinis regularly has local and PA beers on tap, including Stegmaier, Yuengling & Victory to mention a few. Also be sure to check the bottle lists for lots of PA beers like Victory, Toregs, Weyerbacher, Lancaster and many others. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say, but if you're saying Sabs doesn't support local beers you'd be dead wrong.

sam k said...

What happened to that enthusiastically received Steg Porter tap???????

mybeerbuzz said...

I'm sure Lindo rotates the taps and it will be back.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing they dont have any Lion beer on tap. That should be a gimme, at least one. Shock top????

mybeerbuzz said...

Sabatini's has ALWAYS tapped local beers and was one of the first in our area to feature a keg of Stegmaier Porter.

Anonymous said...

Well their list belies that. As apparently it did on Feb 11. I think a dedicated Lion tap is a no-brainer for any craft W-B bar.

mybeerbuzz said...

Not sure where you're looking at Feb 11 Anon but you're looking at two snapshots in time. Sabs ran barrel after barrel of Steg Porter among other locals. Sabatini's is a Pizza restaurant and bottle shop. They are not a bar and don't even have a bar so the audience is diffeent and their market is different. Having spoken to many of our local craft beer bars, I'm afraid it's not that simple. Some bars are able to dedicate tap handles to local brands and do so, and for some it's not economically feasible or not always available. We worked for several months to get Steg Porter made available to our local market in something other than bottles. Don't assume any of these bars can just drive down to Lion and buy a keg. When was the last time you were down to visit Sabatinis Anon??

Anonymous said...

The comment on Feb 11 indicates one PA beer on and no Lion.

Last time I was there was April. I believe I drank Saranac because there was no Lion available.

I respectfully disagree with "it's not that easy" as I have had conversations with the Lion and they have indicated you can get their draft beer at any distributor in the state. If you are a multi-tap with a dozen handles you should have enough pull to get a beer brewed 5 miles away. You may be right that a dedicated handle is different but I have known bars to make it a priority to keep a dedicated tap of their local on, and eventually it almost always pays off.

I will monitor the draft list via your excellent website and I hope I see more PA and especially Lion product on the list. It's one thing to talk about "drinking local" and quite another to do it as I hear a lot of people talking that way but at the same time fewer and fewer bars are presenting local beer or PA-beer. Maybe that is because of a fickle consumer base, I dont know, but I do believe the consumer that wants to drink local and cannot should speak up about it-- such as I did. We do have our voices and our wallets.

mybeerbuzz said...

I'd agree...it's our dollar that drives the tap choices locally and not always a simple choice for the business owner. Keep in mind it also has to be a local beer that people want to drink and that fits into a craft beeer setting. I see plenty of Lion beers on at our local bars and mybeerbuzz members and Sabainis is no exception. I personally lead the campaign with Leo @ Lion to get Steg Porter available locally and Sabatinis wa sthe first to put it on and keep it on for months. I also see plenty of Steg Oktoberfest and Holiday Warmer on tap at our craft bars and tons of Lionshead on at many of our non-craft bars. We see tons of Victory, Yards, Stoudt's Weyerbacher, Troegs, and other local beers not to mention many of the NY state brews like Southern Tier and Ommegang. I'm curious what other local beers that fit the craft-beer mold do you think we're missing?

Sabatini's Pizza said...

dear anonymous.. if you are one of my customers please introduce yourself to me when you are in my restaurant and i will explain my reasoning further with you for not carrying lion products on draft. Also as per the law i can not go and pick up a keg at any distributor in the state.. i have to buy it from L.T. Verrastro in scranton.. I also run drafts as per my CUSTOMER requests and i have not had one lion brewery request since i took the porter off.. the brewery may be 5 miles away but we get zero brewery support.. I have seen salesmen from Stone Brewery and from Sierra nevada in California more than I have seen a Lion Brewery salesman.. The brewery concentrates on other markets, Not wilkes Barre ..and as far as shock top goes; do i like it? No, does it sell far better than any lion product i ever carried YES!!.. I have a very wide customer base and do not only sell crafts. I sell everything from st ides malt liquor and keystone ice to Lost Abbey and Chimay.. We do have weyerbacher on deck now and will be carrying breaker brewing beers soon .. Thanks for your comments please come and visit me soon and introduce yourself so we can talk beer!!!

mybeerbuzz said...

Thanks Lindo.

mybeerbuzz said...

FOr anyone that hasn;t had the opportunity to chat with Lindo, be sure to stop into Sabs and say Hi. Lindo is a wealth of beer-knowledge and has some great connections in the local beer world....not to mention a cooler full of amazing bottles.